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For anyone who was not aware: Carol will be appearing on this… - We love you, Miss Hannigan [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Apr. 5th, 2006|01:51 pm]
We love you, Miss Hannigan


For anyone who was not aware: Carol will be appearing on this Sunday's episode of Desperate Housewives, playing the role of Bree Van De Kamp's stepmother. It airs on ABC on Sunday April 9th, 9 pm EST; check your local listings.

Bree (Marcia Cross), her stepmom (Carol), and her dad (some dude)

Bree and her stepmom

The deal with Bree on the show currently is that her teenage son Andrew wants to buy a car. Bree is something of a control freak when it comes to her son, and she doesn't want him to buy a car. He needs the money from his trust fund to get a car. She won't give it to him. He wants to be emancipated. She says no. Bitching ensues.

Eventually Andrew decides enough with the bitching, I'ma take matters into my own hands. So he gets his boyfriend to beat him up (I think it's his boyfriend; I only started watching this show when I heard Carol was guesting), goes to a lawyer, flaunts his bruises, and says that his mom is abusive and he needs to be emancipated for his own safety. (Later, he also alleges that he's uncovering repressed memories of sexual abuse at Bree's hands. He's a twerp and a half.) As it happens, Bree is an alcoholic in addition to being a control freak, making Andrew's story pretty easy to swallow. Andrew initiates emancipation proceedings and tells Bree she's due in court. Bree is not happy about this. She decides to "quit drinking" - note the quotation marks there; she plans to go into AA and talk the talk and cry the tears, in order to show the judge what a good mother she is. All while continuing to drink on the sly, of course. Once she gets into AA, though, she starts to realize that maybe she does have a problem. She responds to this realization by - why not? - becoming erotically obsessed with her sponsor (played by Lee Tergesen of Oz and *man* but that guy never gets a break). Substitute one addiction for another, donchaknow. But - again, why not? - he's a sex addict, in addition to being an alcoholic. This means that he thinks that he can't go out with her. However, it also means that she thinks he'll be an easy lay. Because she's a bitch. Anyway, she hits on him, he runs away, he sets her up with a new sponsor, and she drinks herself into a near-coma. Which is where we left her at the end of the last episode.

For anyone who hadn't noticed, and no matter what the producers may say, this show is a soap opera.

Anyway, that's the Bree storyline right now. She'll be going to court for the emancipation hearing soon, so we can reasonably assume that her stepmom (i.e. Carol) is going to be showing up for that.

Oh, and for anyone who doesn't watch the show but wants to be up to speed on the rest of the housewives in order to be able to follow Sunday's show: Felicity Huffman is having a crisis of conscience because the last time Bree babysat for her kids Bree passed out drunk and the kids ran away, so she's being called to testify at the emancipation hearing. She's going to lie on the stand, because she thinks (correctly) that Andrew is in all of this for the car. Meanwhile, Eva Longoria has just adopted a baby, and is thrilled about it, excepf for the part where the adoption wasn't entirely legal and the authorities are probably going to come knocking on her door soon. Oops. Uh, let's see, oh, God - Teri Hatcher has just had surgery and consequently got remarried to her ex-husband in order to get on his health insurance plan, which is complicated by the fact that he's actually in love with her even though he's engaged to Nicollette Sheridan, but Teri doesn't love him, she loves this other ex of hers, which would be fine except that she's dating the doctor who did her surgery and he's not supposed to know she's in love with the ex except he totally does know because she blurted it out under anesthesia. ::headdesk:: Oh, and Harriet Sansom Harris (Bebe the agent from Frasier!) is involved in some mess where someone murdered her daughter or niece or something, or she thinks they did, and so she runs around being creepy and elliptical about it and giving Nicollette Sheridan the dead girl's dentures for a wedding gift. And Alfre Woodard has been keeping her son locked in her basement like a wild animal. And, basically? I DON'T UNDERSTAND.

Sunday! ABC! 9 pm EST! WATCH IT!

Also, since we have ::gasp:: like five members now - what would y'all like this comm to be? I'm perfectly happy to keep rattling away with my periodic Carol updates, but you all are welcome to post too if you'd like. (You're also welcome to not post if you'd prefer that.) Never having run such a comm before, I'm sort of at a loss as to what I'm doing. Suggestions?